A little bit about me...

Jared brings a unique blend of interests and skills to the table. With a strong passion for economics and finance, He’s constantly seeking opportunities to deepen his knowledge in these fields. Outside of the professional realm, Jared finds solace in the adventurous world of bouldering and climbing. Exploring nature and nurturing his indoor plants are among his favorite pastimes, allowing him to strike a balance between the outdoors and indoor tranquility.

Staying active is a top priority in his life, and he make it a point to hit the gym every day. By maintaining a healthy and energetic lifestyle, Jared is equipped to bring a positive and proactive approach to his role as an executive assistant.

Jared is currently immersing himself in the captivating world of real estate. Through this journey, he am constantly expanding my knowledge and skill set to provide exceptional support to the Devora real estate team. The vibrant city of San Antonio has stolen his heart since his move and is deeply connected to its thriving real estate market.

When it comes to indulging in delectable meals, his go-to spot is Bistro09. This local gem never fails to satisfy his taste buds and allows him to appreciate the culinary delights that San Antonio has to offer.