Guide to Selling Your Home and Moving on Short Notice

Guide to Selling Your Home and Moving on Short Notice 3


Life can sometimes resemble a series of unexpected events. However, there comes a time when you have to face life-changing decisions that you need to make right away. Whether you are dealing with changes after a divorce, a shift in your career, retirement or the loss of a loved one, some sort of change is imminent. In such circumstances, you might have to say goodbye to your home, sell it and move away. That can be a stressful endeavor, and you need to stay ahead by maintaining your composure and avoiding getting caught in a whirlpool of negative emotions. To help you plan and execute everything in the little time you might have, we are bringing you a guide to selling your home and moving on short notice.

Short notice sales are not a myth, so be prepared to sell right away

It is perfectly understandable if you feel like you will not have enough time to make the change. However, you have to keep in mind that it is possible to find the right buyers and sell your home quickly. One of the first things you need to do is find the right real estate brokerage firm that will use the proper marketing and sales tools to promptly get your home on the market and present it in the best way possible. Your job is to make your property appealing as much as you can, given the circumstances.

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Caption: With the right real-estate agent by your side, you can make a quick and successful sale

Consider giving your home a fresh coat of paint and repairing some apparent flaws. Get expert help from your agent and stage our home to capture the attention of potential buyers immediately. That often means getting rid of clutter and unnecessary things you have kept around but haven’t used. Don’t forget to get rid of your family photos and other personal items that might distract the buyer. Depersonalize your home as much as you can because buyers like to have a blank canvas and imagine their furniture and memorabilia inside the space. If you have a garden or a backyard, give it some attention as this will improve your chances of making an excellent first impression.

Set a fair price and consider settling for less if necessary

Setting the price for your home is the trickiest part of the process. If you have the much-needed assistance from your real estate agent, you will receive some input on the market prices in your and other similar Austin neighborhoods. There is no doubt the price will be affected by the area and community you live in. However, it will also depend on how quickly you need it to sell. If you need to move away on short notice or face unexpected life events, you might have to settle for less. It is crucial to talk to your agent and deconstruct your financial situation to find the best solution and set a competitive price to ensure a quick sale.

Once you make the sale, it is time to pack rapidly

It may be months before you manage to sell your home, but it can also be days. Therefore, you need to plan and prepare for having to move on short notice. There are steps you can take to ensure your relocation is a little stressful as it can be, considering your circumstances. It would be best to find the right moving partner to ease the process and help you go smoothly through the whole moving away thing. Austin has a live real-estate market and some great moving companies operating within the city.  It can be one of the crews from the neighborhood or a moving company your colleague from work recommended. Whoever you choose, make sure there are dependable and skilled in performing short-notice moves.

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Caption: Selling your home and moving on short notice often entails some rapid packing

If you find the right team, you will not have to worry about the details and will be able to focus on other essential things like your family and your job. However, you might still need to pack yourself. Having to go through the packing process with the clock ticking can cause a lot of stress. It may even cause you to panic, especially if you are facing foreclosure or eviction. Take a deep breath, think about all your options, and ask your friends and family for help. Remember that you already had to make difficult decisions, and you have done a great job doing so. Let the tedious task of packing be the least of your worries.

Keep your focus and shift your attention to finding a new home

With all the things going on, selling your home, and packing in a hurry, you will still have important tasks to perform. Finding a new home for yourself and your family is, after all, a priority. Again, with the right real estate agent by your side, you will be able to have a clear picture of how the market works. Your agent will be able to show you featured listings that adequately coincide with what you are looking for. Even if you feel you are in a race with the clock, try to take your time and decide on a place you think is right.

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Caption: Having your life in boxes is stressful enough without having to look for a new home

Remember that selling your home and moving on short notice is not an easy endeavor

However helpful any guide to selling your home and moving on short notice might be, it doesn’t prepare you for all the emotional states you will go through during the process. Nevertheless, a universal piece of advice is to try to avoid your emotions clouding your judgment. Stay focused, stay prepared, and plan your every move. There will still be little things that will go wrong, but you will feel more at ease knowing that you have done everything you can to come out of these circumstances, no matter how rough they might be. For any logistical, legal, and other hands-on assistance, reach to industry professionals and don’t shy away from expert help.